Prostate cancer 前列腺癌
Prostate cancer lifestyle 前列腺癌的生活方式
Demographic characteristic 个人背景特征
Age 年龄
Region 地区
Birth place 出生地
Education 教育
Years of education 教育程度
Family history 家族病史
Any cancer in fathers 父亲任何肿瘤史
Prostate cancer in fathers or brothers 父亲或兄弟的前列腺癌史
Partner history of cervical cancer 伴侣宫颈癌史
Uterine cancer in mothers or sisters 母亲或姐妹子宫癌史
Colorectal cancer in parents or siblings 父母或兄弟姐妹结直肠癌史
Pancreatic cancer in parents or siblings 父母或兄弟姐妹患胰腺癌史
Bile duct cancer in parents or siblings 父母或兄弟姐妹的胆管癌史
Migrant 迁移
Marital status 婚姻状态
Nationality 国籍
Nunmber of children 子女数量
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Prostate Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Data Platform
Prostate Cancer Ontology
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