Prostate Cancer Ontology
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Prostate cancer
Preferred Name Prostate Carcinoma
Definition One of the most common malignant tumors afflicting men. The majority of carcinomas arise in the peripheral zone and a minority occur in the central or the transitional zone of the prostate gland. Grossly, prostatic carcinomas appear as ill-defined yellow areas of discoloration in the prostate gland lobes. Adenocarcinomas represent the overwhelming majority of prostatic carcinomas. Prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) serum test is widely used as a screening test for the early detection of prostatic carcinoma. Treatment options include radical prostatectomy, radiation therapy, androgen ablation and cryotherapy. Watchful waiting or surveillance alone is an option for older patients with low-grade or low-stage disease. -- 2002
Synonyms & Abbreviations Cancer of Prostate
Cancer of the Prostate
Carcinoma of Prostate
Carcinoma of the Prostate
Prostate Cancer
prostate cancer
Prostate cancer, NOS
Prostate Carcinoma
ReferenceCode NCI Thesaurus Code: C4863
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